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Introducing THE 5PICE RACK!! 


It's "thyme" to stop sending cards and balloons for every occasion. Friends and family will think this a big "dill" to have in their kitchen! Each gift box is specially crafted with five (5) of our tantilizing flavors to "spice" up your life. Our 5pice Rack gift box is perfect for any "o-cajun" where delicious food is a main event. With nine (9) different racks, youre gonna have a hard choosing one! They are going to "clove" it.


Sorry, I got "carraway" but you should've seen it "cumin"!



  • AROUND THE WORLD:: Asian Chicken, Jamaican Jerk, Spicy Curry, Italian Stallion, Fajita Seasoning
    BACKYARD BBQ:: Grillin', Just for Steak, Great for Burgers, Blackenin', Sweet & Spicy BBQ
    BEEF & REEF:: Lemon Pepper w/ Garlic & Parsley, Crab Cakes/Salmon Bake, LowCountry Chicken, Lip Smackin' Pork Chop, Zesty Italian
    DOWN HOME COOKIN':: Collard Greens, LowCountry Boil, Okra Gumbo, Southern Fried Chicken, Jambalaya
    FAMILY FLAVORITES:: Southern Fried Chicken, Cajun Lemon Pepper, Great for Veggies, Sexy & Sassy Garlic, Virginia's Hospitality
    GREATEST HITS:: LowCountry Boil, Just for Steak, Gullah, Sexy & Sassy Garlic, Southern Fried Chicken
    PASTA ITALIANO:: Great for Burgers, Garlic w/ Cheese & Herbs, Italian Stallion, Jambalaya, Gardening
    PLAYING WITH FIRE:: Cajun, Hot Jambalaya, Hot Stuff, Slap Ya Mama!, Hot & Spicy Garlic
    UNDER THE SEA:: LowCountry Boil, Crab Cakes, Seafood, Spicy Salmon Bake, Garlic Lemon Pepper

  • Custom racks will be available soon!

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